Monday, July 27, 2009

Netanyahu and Christian Zionists

Here's MJ Rosenberg's instructive piece on what Netanyahu is trying to do when he cozies up to Pastor Hagee whose Christianist group supports a complete Jewish return to the Holy Land

That agenda includes support for expanding settlements on Palestinian land in the West Bank and expanded occupation of Palestinian land in general.

This far right wing Christian fringe believes that the Bible is literally true. The so-called End Times requires that all Jews in the Diaspora are back in the Holy Land, and then the Anti-Christ, the Second Coming of Jesus, and all things related to the Apocalypse, can and will happen.

It wouldn't be a good time to be a Jew.

They deserve each other, Netanyahu and Hagee that is.

Lighthouse Keeper

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Anonymous said...

You are right about these two deserving each other. The facts of the article creep me out. I predict that nothing good will come from this many deluded people acting out.

Old Dude

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