Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kevin Drum Shines The Lighthouse Beacon On The Shadows

Kevin Drum exposes the strange but understandable discrepancy between seniors' opinion of Medicare and those still too young to participate in it.

Medicare is the quintessential example of a government run health care option. It's terrific and it's a bargain compared to the premiums charged for private insurance.

What's going on in the shadows is a whole lot of lying and hollering by right wing politicians that Medicare is terrible and expensive. Those still too young to participate hear the lies so often they seem to believe it, based on surveys of both groups.

Kevin Drum of Mother Jones states the statistical facts.

Disclosure: I've had Medicate for seven years now, and all my experiences have been positive. I do carry a private supplemental policy. That premium and the Medicare premium together still compare very favorably with the cost of a private insurance plan.

Lighthouse Keeper

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