Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Juan Cole on the 'Dangers' in Pakistan

The Middle East expert Juan Cole writes here about the long history of Western empire types exaggerating the danger of the Pakistani tribal threats to the security of the West.

Lighthouse Keeper is certain that this pattern of warnings comes from those in whose interest it is to make war somewhere, all the time.

Try to follow the money trail in the world view of the military/industrial complex.

Obama apparently has to be included in those who hold such a world view.

How terribly disappointing that is.

Lighthouse Keeper

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Anonymous said...


This is a good article. It ties in with a short article by an Afghanistani woman, Malalai Joya, that is in the current issue of The Progressive. If her facts are correct then the USA is in deeply disturbing "Wrong Moral Position".
Where our tax dollars are funding crooked war lords.
I feel that Malalai Joya has a compelling story and message that
should be required reading.

If interested, look for the "Big Lie of Afghanistan"


Old Dude

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