Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Must Read For Our Times

Here's an essay which looks at our military/industrial complex, our self vision as a people, our acceptance to being governed, or ruled, by those who project, plan for and execute serial wars, and how these things have changed in only the last sixty years.

It's a view from 40,000 feet, a sorely needed perspective, which offers a chance to see the big picture which those who promote serial war work to obscure with their constant fear mongering.

This author doesn't just call out "Neocon scum", to quote Col. Patrick Lang on his blog, Sic Semper Tyrannis. President Obama and SecDef Robert Gates are also caught in the beam of the Lighthouse, as are most of our ruling and powerful politicians since WW II.

It should be a must read for our times.

It's heartening to know that such thinkers and writers like David Bromwich still exist, though each tends to be a Voice Crying in the Wilderness. I hope you will share this near and far.

Lighthouse Keeper

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Anonymous said...

This article brings out many important points. The statments of Defense Secertary Gates remind me of the story about the man with a hammer in his hand as he walks through his house. He sees every problem as a nail. Every problem gets fixed with a whack of the hammer. That is how our military will fix things. What else can they do? A Marine friend used to say "War is killing people and breaking things."
The best we can hope for is an appropriate defense strategy that we never have to use.

Old Dude

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