Saturday, October 31, 2009

David Brooks' Gratuitous Insult to Obama

Here's Glenn Greenwald's critique of David Brooks' vapid expose on what Obama the man has to be, tenacious and convicted about winning in Afghanistan.

Brooks cites military experts, without naming any of them, that their big concern is Obama the man. Does he have what it takes to be a war president? This is nothing but a gratuitous insult to Obama.

Sadly, it seems that being tenacious about domestic needs, health care, infrastructure, education, etc.. carries no currency with these unnamed people whose careers and jobs are all about making war. The billions being poured down the rat hole which is Afghanistan could improve, if not solve, many of our domestic problems.

Brooks writes like the neocon he truly is, all about war somewhere, all the time.

He should not enjoy, because he does not deserve, the admiration he gets as a Times columnist. Don't forget that he worked at the Weekly Standard with Kristol and company before he went to the Times. He's little more than a slightly sophisticated Fox News talking head.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

What Makes a War President? The Vapid Opinion of David Brooks

Here's what I judge to be an opinionated and politically slanted, to the point of dishonesty, column by David Brooks who likes to market himself, pass himself off as, a well informed, objective and intelligent purveyor and analyst of ideas and facts, as a columnist for the New York Times.

Please know and be aware that his former employer was the Weekly Standard, the far right neocon
slanted web based virtual newspaper, headed by William Kristol. whose neocon credentials are unimpeachable.

I can't help but think that Brooks has found a great paying job which provides him with a credible forum for his neocon opinions.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sadly,The Prevailing View is Endless War

Here's an article which suggests, if not predicts,
that McChrystal's view will prevail in the debate about what to do in Afghanistan.

And here is Glenn Greenwald's latest essay on how and why it is a permanent fiasco.
It's the best commentary I've come across on endless war.

Health care, like Heaven, can wait, according to the Washington Post.

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Gloria Patri

Here's two views on war and warring; each one toxic:

The surprisingly hawkish view of Roger Cohen of the Times, a guy I admire for the most part, but not on this.

The satirical and sardonic view of Jo Comerford at

Unending war is becoming so accepted by the public that future generations will see it as an American meme.

Who will be the Gibbon to write about our decline and fall?

Here's the Gloria Patri as sung in the Church of the Holy Pentagon:

Glory be to the soldier and to his son and to their holy ghosts.
As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, war without end, Amen, Amen.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Asking the Wrong Question

What is the exit strategy? That's the wrong question. Neocons and the military/industrial complex don't want an exit strategy because their job descriptions are about waging war and making the tools of war.

The correct questions are: What would success look like, how long would it take, and what are the chances of achieving it? The last part is the crux of the problem. Afghanistan is almost a stone age country, ruled in a tribal fashion, and the central government is so corrupt that the masses of people turn to the tribal chiefs, the war lords, for protection.

There are no reliable partners for peace there. Obama should heed McChrystal's warning that the war is unwinable, and dismiss his qualification "unless" we make a massive expenditure in lives and money at a time when we have neither available.

It's about time Americans acknowledge that flag waving patriotism has nothing to do with these wars of choice, which include all conflicts since WW II. The Korean War was officially called a 'conflict' because, like other use of our military since WW II has been authorized, not by declaring war, as is the prerogative of Congress, but by abdication on the part of the Congress, ceding that responsibility to the executive branch which the Founders consciously tried to guard against.

My other blog, on which I have not written lately, is called, "A Voice Crying in the Wilderness". I got to thinking that there was a serious implication of conceit in that name.
I am no prophet, as the title might imply, so I've been writing for the past several months on this blog, Cape Cod Lighthouse, A Beacon to the Adrift, and Illumination for the Washed Ashore.

My goal is to shed light on dark places and shadows.

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Far Right Fringe or Not? What Say The GOP Leaders?

Here's a link to a revealing piece about another example of the depths to which the far right fringe of the Republican party has descended. Add this to the claims of charlatans like Beck and Limbaugh who accuse Obama of being a racist hater of white people and a Nazi, and those who claim Obama was not born a US citizen and so not a legitimate president.

Off the wall fringe groups might be ignored, simply because they promote a clearly propagandist position which, yes, comes across as off the wall to voters, hopefully even those of us who are dealing with daily issues of keeping our heads above water financially.

The real danger to the republic is not the hateful stuff but the silence, in the face of it, of the elected and public figures who don't ascribe to the hate filled messages, but who in and by their silence, should be found,by default, complicit

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Demilitarization: It's Time

Here's a fine piece on the facts of our unsurpassed militarization since WW II. As James Carroll pointed out in his recent Boston Globe column, endless war has become so prevalent that future generations will accept it as America's foreign policy. It has become an American cultural and political meme.

Our 'Defense'* budget is larger than all other countries on the planet put together. We supply 70% of all arms and armaments. That should get attention and scrutiny, but the average citizen is ho hum on the issue.

Our domestic problems could be funded and fixed with even a modest redirection of Pentagon funds. It's time.

*It used to be called the War Department for obvious reasons. Defense Department is a euphemism.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why We Have Perpetual War

Here's a revealing piece by Glenn Greenwald on who is behind the perpetual war policy in America.

Politicians like Diane Feinstein, a Democrat, are pushing for perpetual war for, you guessed it, the money to be made. 'Follow the money' is the axiom again validated. Feinstein's husband makes millions in war.

Neocons don't have a lock on greed it seems.

By its continuance perpetual war is fast becoming a cultural and political meme, and thus uncontroversial to future generations.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Imperial Presidency

Here's a piece which should be required reading in all civics classes and by anyone who votes.

It appears on the blog which is run by Tom Engelhardt, a man who sees the big picture and finds authors to articulate the issues.

In this case it's a commentary on how the executive branch has become a virtual monarchy, regardless of the White House occupant.

In this space I've often observed that I didn't expect much to change in Washington, regardless of who won the White House. Sadly I seem to have been correct in that believe.

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We're Screwed, Over and Over Again

Here's a most discouraging article about health care reform. Seems it's working best for the private insurance industry.

It's all too true that Congress is filled with the best politicians money can buy.

That includes the Snowe job.

Read it and weep here.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

What Prize?

Here's Glenn Greenwald's appraisal of the Nobel committee's choice for this year's Peace Prize.

I believe he has done an admirable job at seeing both sides, and, reluctantly, I agree with his conclusion. At the very least it was awarded prematurely.

It will be interesting to hear what Obama has to say about it this morning.

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