Monday, June 4, 2007

Suggestions of Topics for Discussion

Leanderthal recommends the website Alternet. When I can figure out how to make it an easy link on my blog site I will provide it.

Until then I'll continue to suggest articles and where to find them on the Internet. As I wrote in my first posting, I want to bring to the attention of my friends and family stuff I have enjoyed reading. Some of it will be political, some religious, theological or philosophical, some scientific, and who knows what beyond that.

Tonight it's Sean Gonsalves's piece which I found at It's about the power of aphorisms. In one of my posts I wrote about the power of flag waving, patriotic slogans and shibboleths. His piece is more enlightening than mine. I recommend it.

Note to The Lunchmen. I'm going to ask you to read this blog in advance of our Tuesday lunches for postings that I hope we can discuss.

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