Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Religion and Politics

It will be interesting to watch how the so-called Main Stream Media(MSM) deals with Mayor Bloomberg's decision to disavow his Republican identification as he disavowed his Democrat identification a few years ago. Then it was a change of posture to enhance his chances to be elected Mayor of New York City. His choosing to adopt the posture of Independent suggests that his motive is to be able to run for President, knowing that's the only way he could do it.

Ross Perot was a spoiler, Ralph Nader was a spoiler, both as third party candidates, siphoning off votes from the two major party candidates; and to what end? Did they affect the outcome, did they care? What was their motivation? Look at me; or This is where I stand. I'm not very sanguine about high road motives.

It's likely that we all know at least one individual who has accumulated wealth, and suddenly see themselves as the soul of wisdom.

Based purely on intuition I kind of like Bloomberg. I like that he joked with reporters who asked if he were going to enter the race for president, by saying something like, he didn't think the voters were ready for a five foot, six inch Jew from New York. A trial balloon statement? Put it out there and see what they say? Or, ducking the question with self-deprecating humor?

Well, it seems that politicians, our so-called public servants, find that there is little if any need to take a stand based on principles. It seems that the goal is to get elected and stay elected any which way one can.

On this blog, a couple of weeks ago, I published a post entitled, Get Out the Blue Light, The Man Wants a Blue Suit; the obvious message is, as P.T.Barnum said, in part, You can fool some of the people all of the time. My worry is how large is "Some of the people" and how many of them vote? And what influences their vote?

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