Monday, June 25, 2007

Changing the Rules Because You Can

What will it take to wake up the citizens, the electorate, to the realization that those elected to office, lied, are still lying and will continue to lie to deceive the voters? When will the electorate get riled up enough to realize that their elected officials continue to act in their own selfish interests because they can?

What do the voters think about lying? Is there a place for it? And what is that place, if there is a place? What do the voters think about secrecy, and the administrations making almost everything Classified? How does that square with the constitution, and, the law which proceeds from that?

Until recently it was difficult to determine grounds for challenge.

But this week, the Vice President declared that he was not a part of the Executive Branch, and therefore was not subject to the disclosure rules of the Executive Branch. How can he defend that position in the face of the Constitution, unless he believes that he has so much clout that he can get away with anything he decides is necessary to achieve his goals. I am no Constitutional scholar, but I believe that the Office of Vice President is created in the portion which deals with the Executive Branch. Today I read that the only job given to the Vice President is president of the Senate, upon which Cheney is basing his claim. Does he believe that his point will be supported by the Conservative nature of the Supreme Court which Bush has been able to create?

When Cheney was asked to provide minutes of the Energy Task Force he chaired a few years ago, he claimed Executive Privilege as his reason for not doing so. It was upheld by the Supreme Court. Now he claims he's not part of the Executive Branch and isn't bound by the laws governing public disclosure.

When I was involved in sailboat racing some of the competitors resorted to claiming "bigger boat" to bully their way to advantage, blowing off the rules of right of way they had agreed should govern the competition.

In everyday life we encounter situations in which someone makes an aggressive move; in traffic, in the store, because they think they can, and can get away with it.

Road rage is often the result. We're advised to suppress that rage

But what about the rage I feel when I see Cheney and his kind continue doing what they do, because they know they can ?


Lighthouse Keeper

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