Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Religion and Politics

Nearly two generations ago, John F. Kennedy was faced with an anti-Catholic bias element in the electorate. It was extensively covered by the so-called Main Stream Media(MSM) of the time. What made his Catholic faith an issue, which the MSM enjoyed promoting, was the fear that the Pope would unduly influence his presidency; would pull the strings.

In today's campaign for the presidency Mitt Romney's Mormon faith is in the news. The MSM is happy to cover that also.

Will the MSM be as eager and willing to bring to public awareness Bloomberg's religious affiliation, and the possibility that he will be biased in his views toward Israel; our $Billions of financial aid, and apparent unconditional moral and political support?

I have come to believe that there is a neo-tribal emergence which has reignited the emotional and the subjective, the basest of human instincts; with the awful consequences of the win/lose, zero sum approach to existence; circle the wagons, defend members of the tribe in all things; choose only tribal members for important and lucrative positions and roles.

In all things the pendulum swings. A group which has experienced undue prejudice can be expected to fight back, given a chance. But for how long will their initially justified behavior be tolerated? When it becomes apparent that the pendulum has swung to the opposite extreme, namely that such a group has begun to exhibit behavior associated with that of an unobstructed and prejudiced group itself, society needs to forgive itself for its previous prejudicial behavior, and recognize that it has come to be manipulated by the same tribe they had manipulated. What goes around comes around. The pendulum swings.

Lighthouse Keeper

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