Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Far Right Fringe or Not? What Say The GOP Leaders?

Here's a link to a revealing piece about another example of the depths to which the far right fringe of the Republican party has descended. Add this to the claims of charlatans like Beck and Limbaugh who accuse Obama of being a racist hater of white people and a Nazi, and those who claim Obama was not born a US citizen and so not a legitimate president.

Off the wall fringe groups might be ignored, simply because they promote a clearly propagandist position which, yes, comes across as off the wall to voters, hopefully even those of us who are dealing with daily issues of keeping our heads above water financially.

The real danger to the republic is not the hateful stuff but the silence, in the face of it, of the elected and public figures who don't ascribe to the hate filled messages, but who in and by their silence, should be found,by default, complicit

Lighthouse Keeper

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