Saturday, October 31, 2009

David Brooks' Gratuitous Insult to Obama

Here's Glenn Greenwald's critique of David Brooks' vapid expose on what Obama the man has to be, tenacious and convicted about winning in Afghanistan.

Brooks cites military experts, without naming any of them, that their big concern is Obama the man. Does he have what it takes to be a war president? This is nothing but a gratuitous insult to Obama.

Sadly, it seems that being tenacious about domestic needs, health care, infrastructure, education, etc.. carries no currency with these unnamed people whose careers and jobs are all about making war. The billions being poured down the rat hole which is Afghanistan could improve, if not solve, many of our domestic problems.

Brooks writes like the neocon he truly is, all about war somewhere, all the time.

He should not enjoy, because he does not deserve, the admiration he gets as a Times columnist. Don't forget that he worked at the Weekly Standard with Kristol and company before he went to the Times. He's little more than a slightly sophisticated Fox News talking head.

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