Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Asking the Wrong Question

What is the exit strategy? That's the wrong question. Neocons and the military/industrial complex don't want an exit strategy because their job descriptions are about waging war and making the tools of war.

The correct questions are: What would success look like, how long would it take, and what are the chances of achieving it? The last part is the crux of the problem. Afghanistan is almost a stone age country, ruled in a tribal fashion, and the central government is so corrupt that the masses of people turn to the tribal chiefs, the war lords, for protection.

There are no reliable partners for peace there. Obama should heed McChrystal's warning that the war is unwinable, and dismiss his qualification "unless" we make a massive expenditure in lives and money at a time when we have neither available.

It's about time Americans acknowledge that flag waving patriotism has nothing to do with these wars of choice, which include all conflicts since WW II. The Korean War was officially called a 'conflict' because, like other use of our military since WW II has been authorized, not by declaring war, as is the prerogative of Congress, but by abdication on the part of the Congress, ceding that responsibility to the executive branch which the Founders consciously tried to guard against.

My other blog, on which I have not written lately, is called, "A Voice Crying in the Wilderness". I got to thinking that there was a serious implication of conceit in that name.
I am no prophet, as the title might imply, so I've been writing for the past several months on this blog, Cape Cod Lighthouse, A Beacon to the Adrift, and Illumination for the Washed Ashore.

My goal is to shed light on dark places and shadows.

Lighthouse Keeper

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