Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Snake Eyes

Here's a piece which exposes Senator Charles Grassely, R-IO for what he really is; a purely partisan political hack.

Note that he said that he would not vote for reform even if it had all the provisions he wants, though he insists that he's still trying to get a bipartisan bill. Why would anyone feel the need to continue courting him as a supporter of reform? He is clearly intent on defeating it for purely political purposes; to damage Obama and embarrass the Democrats.

The GOPhers are not negotiating, they are campaigning for 2010 and 2012.

John Kyl made it easy yesterday when he said Republicans wouldn't support a health care reform measure. That takes the Dems and Obama off the hook of trying to get a bipartisan bill done.

All they have to do when accused of freezing out Republicans, which will happen, is throw down the gauntlet by simply quoting these clearly obstructionist and partisan statements.

Lighthouse Keeper

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