Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama, Please Tell Us What The Wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan Are About.

William Pfaff asks the president to tell us what the wars are about.

Here's his Truthdig piece.

I don't know what Obama might say, but these wars, like all wars since 1945, have been and are about Neocons and their Pentagon friends making huge profits.

The military/industrial complex is real. I try not to use the word "conspiracy" because it leaves one open to ridicule for believing that there's an enemy behind every tree. But clearly these people have their own agenda, and it's war baby, war all the time and anywhere.

Mr. Pfaff astutely points out that the Taliban are no threat to us. It's also true that if Al Qaeda loses its safe haven in one country they infiltrate another; Somalia maybe?

Afghanistan has nothing the US needs, though there's a rumor that the mountains are full of copper ore.

Neocons always need a practice field on which to try out their newest killing machines, using disposable soldiers.

That's what the wars are about.

Lighthouse Keeper

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