Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Generating More Heat Than LIght"

I just got around to watching my TiVo recording of Brooks and Shields on last Friday's News Hour.

On the topic of the disruption of Health Care Reform Town Hall Meetings, Mark Shields earned honors for Best Insight of the Day when he observed that the disruptions are "generating more heat than light".

Those who are shouting down, and threatening politicians who are holding these August "recess" meetings as a way of sponsoring rational debate, so far are succeeding in changing the focus and coverage in the media to the disruptions and away from the important health care issues.

Those who are financing the travel and attendance at these forums, generally understood and known to be people who are fearful that their health care gravy train will be derailed if genuine reform is passed, are playing to the basest of human instincts of those who are most easily manipulated into saying outlandish and outrageous things via emotional outburst.

One has only to acknowledge and consider the actual and recorded rantings at these meetings by those who rely on the government managed and financed health care program called Medicare to keep them out of financial bankruptcy, that "the government should keep its hands off Medicare".

Charles Blow's column in last Saturday's Times captures the essence of this frightful phenomenon when he wrote, "Belligerence is the currency of the intellectually bankrupt". His column is worth a full read.

There is a sub culture which is easily inflamed when reminded that a black man is occupying the White House. Those who have the most to lose if health care reform happens are cynically playing to the basest of human instincts of that intellectually bankrupt sub culture, hoping to derail the democratic process of reasonable debate.

Lighthouse Keeper


Anonymous said...

"Those who have the most to lose.."

This has been the most confounding thing to me (and not just for the health care debate). Why is that those who have the most to lose in our economy stubbornly resist any idea or plan that is clearly in their best interest? Clearly there is a lot of fuzzy thinking and manipulation going on.

Old Dude

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Old Dude,

It must be about not trusting government. I think it's especially real for many seniors, and that seems to be borne out by the profiles of those who scream the loudest. They continue to rail and vote against their own interests, health related, financial and otherwise.

Then there are those who live life with an attitude and deep set prejudice. They're easily stirred up. "Deliverance", the movie, was a work of fiction, but it told a very real truth. I lived and worked in Atlanta for many years and witnessed it first hand.

Logic and facts don't register with some people, because such thinking upsets them by running counter to their hardened world view, as in "keep the guvmint hands off my Medicare".

It's these people who are being inflamed by the most cynical politicians and lobbyists.

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