Saturday, February 13, 2010

There's No End to Mystery

I am agnostic when it comes to religion, so this piece by Greta Christina appeals to me.

I'd like this to be an open thread. Jump in everyone.

Lighthouse Keeper


Anonymous said...

Even though this article touches on some of the big intesting questions it is not very well written. Even though science can answer many questions now, that it could not before; the answer to Big Questions will more than likely evade us for many more years. There has been scientific speculation that our Universe is finite. Even if it were finite; what we can account for staggers the imagination. And as the article asks, how do we know if there are other Universes? Personally, I have the idea that the Human Mind is not ready for something that really is infinite. For some reason we want things broken up and packaged in sizable chunks.
If you want some good Science based ruminations on how life came to be on Earth and could there be life on other planets I reccomend -
"Life as We Do Not Know It: by Peter Ward.

Old Dude

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Hat tip to Old Dude who has made a fine contribution to this topic,including a recommendation for further reading.

Thomas said...

I don't think science is in danger of eradicating religion, but I think religion needs to expand its story to encompass modern science. Sure we've learned that the earth was not created in six days. But our current understanding of the birth of the universe sounds very much to me like "let there be light" -- by something or someone who stands outside or before our universe. Science is actually doing a great job of explaining how god or the higher power could effect change in the world using sophisticated, subtle and very real tools like DNA.

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