Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Words and Meanings; Often in Conflict

Here's a fascinating piece on how words can have different meanings to different folks.

In the DADT argument fewer people were willing to support homosexuals for serving openly in the military than gay men and lesbians women. Huh?

My view has it that the word "homosexual" still connotes a generalized sinful life style to many straights, especially the so-called Conservative, white Christianist fundamentalists, while the terms "gay men and lesbian women" connote actual human beings who somehow are given a pass by the
great unwashed.

Reminds of "Get the guvment hands off my Medicare". Conservative today really means "Don't require me to think, and don't fix 'it', because I don't want to admit' it's' broken.

God help us, nobody else will. And I'm agnostic.

Lighthouse Keeper

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