Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Soon We Forget, to our Peril

Here's Mark Shields' important contribution to what should be the true public discourse about what has happened to the economy under the GOP and the Dems. If he got his facts straight no one should give any credence whatsoever to the idiots at the CPAC conference which was held this week.

As I've written recently on this page, those politicians and party hacks who call themselves Conservative are trying to win the support of the public by hypocritically shouting lies, believing that repetitious loud volume hollering can cover up the facts they want and need to hide.

One can only hope that there is still a sufficient number of street wise and alert Americans who see through this bluster, and recognize people like Beck, Limbaugh, Palin and Pawlenty to be the dishonest buffoons they truly are.

Lighthouse Keeper

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for this steering us to this Mark Shields column. The bare facts are so easy to understand. One wonders why so many Americans prefer negative lies to the truth. Why would someone cling so strongly to an agenda that is clearly against their own best interest?

Old Dude

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