Friday, February 5, 2010

Domestic Terrorism

If one of the aims of a terrorist is to bring the normal function of a government to a halt, surely Richard Shelby(R, AL) qualifies for the label.

He's holding the US government hostage by putting a hold on 70 presidential appointees, something a senator can do based on an arcane Senate rule.

His beef: He accuses the White House of holding up a multi billion dollar defense contract which Alabama had hoped to land.

Shameful. How do such rules come into being? That's on top of the filibuster rule which stops virtually all legislation. Talk about time for a change.

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Anonymous said...

It is shameful and sad that this is where we are as a Nation. Not sure what windfall Shelby was hoping to land in Alabama. My slightly off topic comment is that with all the tough talking economic pundits that I have seen lately; none have remotely suggested that our country cut back on Military Spending. All the remedys for keeping the Nationl Budget healthy involve drastically cutting back on Social Security and Medicare/Medicade.
Measuring the good done by artillary rounds used in warfare would be difficult; but I know that any money from Social Security that my Mother ends up with will end up back in the local economy in short order.

Just a thought.

Old Dude

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