Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creation Begins at Home

Here's an article about an idea that really excites me, the idea that we create our own reality, that the Universe is a construct of our minds. The author uses his experience of waking from a dream to help us understand what he's talking about.

This is consistent with my own belief in the idea that Man created God in his own image.

Lighthouse Keeper

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Thomas said...

Dreaming certainly proves that our experience of the world is largely created and re-created in our brain. I don't think so much we create our own reality, but we do get lost in the assumption that what we are experiencing is in fact reality... when it's not, it's only a tiny filtered and interpreted version of reality that our senses can measure and our mind can make patterns over. Don't bees sometimes see entirely different colors and patterns in flowers than we do? The moth in the article was certainly experiencing the opera as much as the human observers but with a different set of senses and processing that valued light rather than sound. So what is going on around us that we are unable to sense with our rather limited organs, or unable to process when we do sense it? We must get glimpses and hints of this "extra sensory" world from time to time-- how do we deal with, and interprete those?

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