Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Don't Get It. Clearly I'm Out of Touch.

I am really at at loss to account for how and why Martha Coakley was defeated in her bid to succeed Ted Kennedy in the US Senate.

Please enlighten me.

It's not lost on me that though I sign my posts as Lighthouse Keeper, there exist those who do their best to hide themselves from the light, which they know and fear will expose them for who and what they truly are.

Lighthouse Keeper.


rjsheldon said...

Sir, the election yesterday had very little to do with either Scott Brown or Ms Coakley. It was a referendum on the cuurent administration's march toward their health care solution, which many (most?) consider to be too expensive. Period.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...


Don't call me "Sir". I was an enlisted man"-)

Obama should have taken on the problem of unemployment rather that an expensive health care reform. Most pundits have observed that such a major reform is rarely passed during a recession.

Thanks for enlightening me.

Lighthouse Keeper

Anonymous said...


It is somewhat shocking that Coakly lost in MA. But the bigger picture has become clearer. Our Congress has lost its way. They are doing the work of big powerful interests that give them money. They truly have no clue who they work for.
Big money has poured into Congress from Insurance and Health care industries to protect their big profits. This strategy works or they would not do it.
Career Politicians use this because it works for them as well. Their interest is in protecting their "Job".
Clearly this is not what our Constitution spells out. I predict this shell game will continue to be played on the American people; further eroding our freedoms and wealth. One way toward the light is to mandate publicly financed elections. Stop the Payola. What a shock that would be.
The other thing that has to happen is that Americans must refuse to be "dumbed down". Many years ago I worked under the assumption that Americans were "smart" that they would recognize their freedoms and make good choices. But in the last few years I have decided that is not so, there are simply too many signs that the voters are caught in an evil vortex. How can we explain that George Bush was re-elected? Even though it was clear that he should have been removed from office. (and imprisoned in my opinion)
Are American voters that stupid? Or are they just so confused that they will prefer a platform and candidate that is clearly against their own best interest?
(There is a case to be made that there was election fraud on both of Bush’s Elections but that may be a subject for a different day.)
Every sign points to a huge brawl in the up-coming elections with more divisive behavior. To sum it up, the American people are being used.

Old Dude

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