Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The French, Hugo Chavez and Haiti

Here's a report of a government minister of an assumed ally, the French, claiming that the US efforts to help Haiti are all about occupying Haiti. Seems our guys, who are trying to make the best use of a damaged airport, waved off a French plane, which landed safely the next day.

In a recent post where I exposed my concern about this possibility I wrote that I expected those who hate us and our elected officials for whatever reason, be they terrorists or GOPhers, would make this kind of accusation.

I really didn't expect to read that the French had taken such a cheap shot.

They now have earned the dubious distinction of being lumped together with Hugo Chavez for claiming that the US is using token and grossly insufficient numbers of aid workers as cover for occupying Haiti.

Lighthouse Keeper


Anonymous said...

Rather a bizzare statement from a French Minister. They should see the good that is being done and try to work in a more positive way.
The French and the USA have both done terrible things to manipulate and dis-empower the Haitians in the past. But I doubt the local people would turn away help from wherever it comes today.

Old Dude

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Old Dude,

The Haitians are turning to mob behavior, stealing from one another and looting. Predictable and sad.

I apologize for somehow publishing a grossly unedited post. I had meant to save it and clean it up today, which I have now done.


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