Friday, September 4, 2009

'The Status Quo Sanctification and Extension Act'

Here's David Brooks on having a magical hour to advise President Obama.

He seems to be ignoring the partisan/ bipartisan aspect of the fight, focusing more on the vested interests in the status quo. Though by implication the politicians in the pockets of the vested interests are included as adversaries of change.

Brooks is known as a Conservative columnist. Conservatives are generally uncomfortable with change unless it is truly incremental. In this column Brooks is recommending the fundamental, not the incremental. However the fundamental view of things is also a Conservative principle, as in getting back the fundamentals of blocking and tackling.

I would have preferred that he use the analogy of the forest and the trees, the big picture versus the fundamental, incremental components.

As a student of personality theory espoused by Carl Jung, I'm aware that only about a fourth of the human population is comfortable with the big picture approach. The other three fourths are uncomfortable with major change, which is what Obama, with audacity, hoped to accomplish.

Perhaps Obama has gone incremental in hopes of passing something, anything; like "The Status Quo Sanctification and Extension Act" as Brooks calls it.

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