Friday, July 13, 2007

Loosening Up For Learning

I'm a fairly new blogger, only a few months posting. It's been interesting to see the different styles, and I'm not talking about political preferences. Some write lengthy essays, some post simple thoughts that come to them, and of course some do both. I think doing both seems to be fairly common.

My training in humanities, as an English major, has conditioned me to work for well thought out, well articulated, contributions when I am trying to communicate in writing. I write poetry and prose, and in both expressions I'm likely to spend four times as much time in editing than in writing.

But I'm really happy to see some stuff just thrown out there for all to read, stamp on, praise or ignore. So, in that vein I throw the following out there for stamping or whatever.

I'm learning much from other bloggers, and part of that learning is reading about whom they like to read and listen to. So here's my partial list of favorites(as they came to me, not in order of importance to me, nor based on political leanings). I've used a small number of categories, but acknowledge that many of these people will be found in more than one category. I apologize in advance for any misspellings of names.

Here are my favorites. What are yours? I look forward to finding comments. I moderate them, not for agreement or disagreement, but only for abusive language.

Eugene Robinson
Frank Rich
Sean Gonsalves
David Ignatious
David Brooks
Mark Shields
Richard Cohen
Maureen Dowd
E.J. Dionne
Michael Gerson
James Carroll
John Burns
Chris Hedges
Richard Engel

Jim Lehrer
Gwen Ifil
Judy Woodruff
Brian Wilson
Tim Russert
George Stephanapoulous

Non-Main Stream:

Jon Stewart
Al Franken

That's more than enough for now. It's not important who is on my list. I know what I like. I want to know what you like.

Lighthouse Keeper

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