Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bush,Big Oil and the Iraqi Oil Law

There's an informative piece on today, Saturday, July 14 on the Iraqi Oil Law.

It's a common misunderstanding that the so-called oil law is mostly about revenue sharing with all Iraqi sects.

The real reason for the pressure from Bush and Congress to get the oil law passed is it provides private, non-Iraqi oil companies(Exxon-Mobil,etc.) with 30 year contracts and up to 50% of oil revenues from Iraqi oil. That's the revenue sharing Bush is interested in. As the article mentions, this is something oil companies have only dreamt about.

It's tantamount to stealing Iraq's patrimony as Matt Taibi wrote in Alternet a while back.

Note also in the article how the mainstream media has gone along with changes in language put out to the public, clearly in efforts to disguise the real intent.

As I titled one of my first posts, "Follow the Money". All else is window dressing, smoke and mirrors and the War of Fog.

Lighthouse Keeper

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