Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a Revoltin' Develpment This Is

This is the sorry state of affairs in the place they call Afghanistan. It is a country in name only. Actually it's a rogue state, a home to unimpeded corruption from top to bottom. It is not worth one more American or NATO life, nor one more dime.

I'm delighted that McChrystal is "furious" that our Ambassador to that rat hole advised our president to hold off on adding more troops and money until their so-called president, the chief of tribal corruption, cleans up his act. The sweet irony is that our Ambassador is a retired general, who was the senior U.S.military commander in Afghanistan for two years.

Lighthouse Keeper

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Old Dude said...


This article makes one wonder what on Earth our country is doing in Afghanistan. Sad but true. It really would be great if all the effort and tax dollars had a real chance of a positive outcome there. If we could empower the women, get rid of the corruption, restore some sense of normalcy- it really would wonderful. But the facts do not point to a positive outcome in Afghanistan.
With two (illegal) wars going on and with our economy on the skids, our country is faceing a bleak future. Bottom line for me is that, no matter what your politics are, we cannot continue on this course. We cannot afford it. This course of action will push our country toward a third world status.

Old Dude

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