Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sports and the Laws of Nature

Perhaps it's my imagination, but I'm beginning to see a pattern developing on the topic of Spygate, the NE Patriots' admission that they violated league rules about taping opponents.

Here are some examples:

Senator Arlan Spector might meet with the NFL commissioner soon; reports that players from other teams in the Pro Bowl were happy to see the Patriots lose; comments about Belichick's "boorish" behavior in running onto the field before time ran out, to get to the locker room and away from the media; he being called a poor sport.

In the uncivilized world of Nature it's called the law of the jungle. Split off and isolate a wounded prey and move in for the kill.

I seriously doubt that we would be seeing hints of this kind if the Patriots had won the Super Bowl.

I post this only as an observation, and without judgment.

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