Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Name this Tune

Sometimes it's hard to encapsulate what one thinks and feels with just a few simple words, as in a Title. I've tried to find some words that jumped to mind when I decided to write what I think and feel about this particular thing. I've struggled to find a title for it other than thing, but without success.

And so I ask you, dear readers, to suggest a name for this post.

A few weeks ago Hillary appointed Sandy Berger to her team of campaign advisers. If I'm not mistaken Berger is a former member of President Clinton's cabinet, whose security clearance was suspended when it came to light that he played fast and loose with his access to secure information.

I wrote about it then expecting that Hillary would be pilloried for rewarding a crony. I said then that I took no pleasure in writing about this, worried that the Dems can still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I continue to be fearful that the GOP will somehow snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

To my astonishment more than my consternation her opponents gave her a free pass. On the surface it seemed to be a slam dunk for the GOPhers, or at least her Dem opponents.

Is it possible that a sense of decency, even forgiveness, surfaced and embraced Hillary's detractors?

Personally, Sandy Burger doesn't come across to me as a criminal or burglar, and I suspect that he made a stupid mistake; perhaps even deluding himself that he would be admired and rewarded for his assiduous pursuit of stuff he thought his patrons desired. Perhaps he believed that by having access to and using secure stuff he was just working harder, working at home, demonstrating his dedication and loyalty to those he thought, however naively, held in mind the best interests of the people, the country and the Constitution.

The name, Sandy Berger, has disappeared from the scene, at least to the extent that one might look for his name in the Main Stream Media or what I call the Fifth Estate, the Web Log Media.

I have no quarrel with Sandy Berger. I am neither his advocate nor detractor.

And I am not pointing my accusatory finger at either political party.

My quarrel is with the so-called Main Stream Media. The problem with that kind of quarrel is that it is about tilting with windmills, as Don Quixote demonstrated and so taught us.

I am no longer surprised by the MSM compliant, if not hinged heel, whoreish behavior.

I'm concerned about what forces are at work when information which most of us would call significant, disappears from both our view and hearing?

The Hillary/Burger thing is likely not all that significant. But the simple fact that it got suppressed so quickly and easily, without anyone complaining and drawing attention to what happened, scares the shit out of me.

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