Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quote of the Day

"The Only Klingon I'm afraid of is my wife after she's worked two shifts."

Lt. Tom Paris, Star Trek Voyager.


The Crazy King of Clowns said...

Hi! This is one hell of a blog! Could we exchange links?

My blog is - Infinitely CRAZY

Please do leave me a comment after linking to me(if you agree to the exchange, of course)


Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Dear Infinitely CRAZY, (IC for short),

Please tell me what you meant by "this is one hell of a blog".I'm assuming that you liked it. What is it that you like?

I've put a link to IC on my sidebar. Clicking on it takes the reader directly to your blog.

Tell me about yourself. I understand you're a student in India. Nice to meet you. Don't you just love the magic carpet of the Internet? I'm actually communicating with you, a young person, of another culture, on the other side of the planet. Extraordinary.

You seem to want connections with almost anyone, reaching out all over the place. Good for you. You write well in English which I assume is not your first language.

As for me, if you're interested, I am a retired businessman, living on Cape Cod, an arm sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusets, US. But I'm sure you know that.

I write mostly to express my opinions about politics, religion, science and culture. I like to talk about stuff that one is supposed to talk about in polite company. I think of myself as independent of tribal, that is to say, political parties. But I'm not neutral. If you read my bio on the blog you know that I reserve my admiration for those who are authorities on something, not because they are, for a time, in a position of authority.

Yesterday, Mikhail Gorbachev spoke to a group in our state of Kentucky, at a conference. Please read my most recent post entitled,
"For Shame" to get an inkling of what I meant by saying I'm not neutral.

Tell me more about yourself if you are of a mind to. Use my gmail address: spooklee537@gmail.com, and tell my your email address.

I've found from experience that there are some exchanges which make more sense via email than as comments to a blog, which usually are confined to the immediate subject of the post on which one is commenting.

My decision to accept your link exchange is more driven by you're being a young man of a different culture who is reaching out to others of different cultures, than the topics of your blog. I did find your contrasting images of advertised food vs actual food interesting.

If you are comfortable with and interested in discussing your views about how my country is viewed please share them with me.
There are many of us, perhaps even most of us who will vote for a change in leadership and power in Nov 2008.

We are a country of laws, based on our Constitution. As such we rely on those laws which provide us with the opportunity to vote for those we want to uphold and carry out those laws.

According to those laws, our next national election will be held in November of 2008. In the meantime, unlike other cultures and nations which over the years have lost patience with their leaders and threw them out by whatever legal or illegal means, we in our country will obide by the advice, counsel and wisdom of our founders, and will wait.

However, our commitment to wait does not constrain us from telling others what we think. In fact the First Amendment to our Constitution is all about protecting freedom of speech.

There are many in our country who get so worked up about what is going on that they say things of a seditious nature, and expose themselves vulnerable to those who suggest that they leave and go somewhere else to live.

The word Patriotism is bounced around in a rather cavalier fashion here of late.

Some of our citizens have bought into the Cheney/Bush marketing image of our country as being so exceptional in the history of our planet that whatever we do should be acknowledged as good for all by definition. These are the folks who call those who don't buy that propaganda, don't fall into line, unpatriotic,accusing them of cutting and running.

The implication of the messages our current occupants of power want to impart to, and leave with, the many they count on to react instinctively, not thoughtfully considered, is that if we are not with them we are "with the terrorists", i.e. against them.

These are the people who currently occupy the positions established by our Constitution. The got there legally, and as such they can and should only be relieved of those positions by those provisions in our Constitution that our wise founders provided; scheduled elections or impeachment.

Impeachment is complicated. If you've come this far with me and want to know more, please tell me.

Thanks for your support.


Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...


I left out a crucial word in my earlier comment. The word, "not" should be inserted where I said I like to write about stuff one is NOT suppose to talk about in polite company.

Sorry for the insufficient editing.

Lighthouse Keeper

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