Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome to Cape Cod Lighthouse, beacon to the adrift and illumination for the washed ashore.

The media known as the Blogosphere has captured my attention and interest, though only after I survived choking on the word.

As an English Major I'm conservative with respect to language, and don't take easily to sudden change, especially if it's slang or an acronym. In fact if something becomes popular, I am likely to be contemptuous at first.

However I've become aware that some credentialed historians have observed that this new media harkens back to pamphlets and papers during the birth of our nation; publications which exerted strong influence at the time, because they were written by people who had the courage to challenge the authorities of their day.

I've come to understand that people can use common terms which can mean different things to people of differing views. A good example is the word "authority". To some it has the connotation of a person in authority. To others it means someone who is an authority on something. It's easy to know which works for you. Whom do you salute or believe in; a person in a position of authority or a recognized authority in a certain field?

I identify with the latter view.

This will be my first post of a blog. It might amount to just another voice crying in the wilderness.

It's inevitable that some will construe my comments as Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal. The fact that some will know that I live in Massachusetts might prompt labeling me a Blue State Liberal. Yet some will know that I lived, worked and raised a family in Georgia for twenty-six years, a Red State.

So, I declare here that I am not registered as a voter of any party. I am a registered voter, but Independent with respect to party. I hope to make considered choices based on my evaluation of how much of an authority I give the candidate credit for, before I vote to elect that person to a position of authority.

As for me, I'm neither a person in authority, nor an authority on any particular subject. I'm a guy who likes to think, talk and write about stuff that I hope people will consider when they vote.

I tend to write when I'm motivated by a subject, not by a schedule. Then again I don't expect anyone to stay interested if I don't offer something fairly regularly. Hope you can live with that.

If you can and are interested, stay tuned.

Lighthouse Keeper

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